Hair extensions 

There is something to be said a  a person who has a beautiful personality.  This is Michael the one who sold me hair extensions at the mall  couple a  of weeks ago. He since has gotten a undercut cool haircut since we took this picture together. This is us  after he used the gift of gab and got me to spend tons of money on hair  clipons. I need to buy more hair but that can wait for a while. I will get some maybe next month closer to the summer I’m going to mix two different colors and make it look like ombre at the bottom. Michael asked me if I had blogged about him when I saw him the other day. He remembered that I told him that I had a blog. I forgot to post his picture. My conscience feels better now that I posted his picture. I have to keep my word. I don’t know if he will remember to search my blog. But I will  say this. He offered an even amazing cheaper price on some hair the second time I saw him. I won’t go too deep into that today. For now all I can say Michael can sale you your own socks to you and make you feel like you bought them from a snobby boutique in France. This kid is adorable! He got skills! LOL 


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