Urgent Care

I had to cancel clients today do to a killer earache I’ve had for two days. I noticed since I’ve been on all kinds of medication I feel worse. My client who.is a nurse told me that high blood pressure medication can cause chest pains which I have ….I also remember her saying something about liquid in the lungs that can travel to the ears. Again I don’t remember her exact words but what she said makes sense or I could just have a infection for no reason.  Who knows?
I was fillling the paper work here at Urgent Care and it asked me what is my race and ethnicity.  In one of the questions I asked why? Does it make a difference what I am? My ear hurts bad I need help. I’m in pain hungry and irritable and I’m  stressin that I could not see my clients today. Thank goodness I have an awsome clientele who is loving and amazing ..I can’t wait to feel better soon  so that I can get my hands on their headsūüėć

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