Britney Spears

I love Britney she comes across as humble and lost. She seems like a genuine sincere sweet girl…I’ve been a fan of her for ages. But it bothers me that she is being taken advantage of. I have no idea who her hairstylist is but I’m sure she’s making gazillions from Britney. First of all she needs good  hair care. She needs the Joico protein spray before her hair color and bleach jobs apppointments to protect it from breakage,  she also needs to start taking vitamins to make her hair grow. I would recommend the Nioxin shampoo, I would also recommend  blunt trims on her hair of half an inch every 3 to 4 months. As far as the hair extensions the person doing them needs to get fired Britney needs to switch to seeing Beyonce’s stylist. BEYONCÉ’S hair is always on point. I would love to get my hands on Britney’s hair for at least three years to make her her grow out and make her hair extensions look decent. There should be no excuse why her tracks,  or her glued gun pieces to her scalp show. Tokyo Styles the wig maker would do  an amazing job on her!. Her confidence will go up and her record sales would improve. Britney Spears hair is in danger!  Someone needs to stop this. If you know her please give her my number I would treat her hair with loving care. It’s been bothering me for years….
I was taking a blog break for a couple of days but got upset when I saw one of her Instagram videos..her body is amazing but when she turned around and I saw the big gaps of spaces in her hair I shrieked. There is never an excuse why a millionaire should walk around with messed up hair. NEVER.  TELL HER I’M LOOKING FOR HER😉


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