Here is an example of  a good wig. Kyle looks like she has a natural part like her blond is growing out of her roots. Her hair line looks very natural. The lady at the Slauson Swapmeet sold me a wig where it was very obvious I had a wig on. It was so thick and clumpy I looked l was a Vegas entertainer. 

Tokyo Styles makes the best wigs I’ve ever seen. He does classes nation wide. I hope to go to one day go to one of his classes. and meet the genius behind the celebrities. When ever you see a celebrity with bleach blond hair one day and the next day it’s black many times they had a wig on. ..Touched by Tokyo  Styles😍  Follow his Instagram page, he’s amazing!!

I got hair today…I will post  my hair later. I have to rush back to the shop..I just bought a Earth Wind & Fire CD  for  the shop. The radio is broken and I’ve been listening to Chinese music all day. I don’t mind it its nice and soothing but after a while I feel like I’m in a New Years Chinese parade and the dragon is going to chase me..LOL..I’m terrible 😉


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