Before and After

I couldn’t wait to go to Bellami hair studio in West LA to go buy hair. I went to the Mall and was walking around when this cute model type looking guy stopped me and was insisting I go look at the hair he was selling at his cart. I asked myself do I look that hair was in a pony tail but was looking like a rats nest as you can see in the picture in the left. I told him all my complaints about me throwing money away on cheap hair with fake sales people at the supply store. He assured me that he wasn’t fake.I told him how I was going to go to Bellami to buy hair because I heard it was the best. He rolled his eyes..LOL..he gave me a consultation on what to look for when I am shopping for hair. He told me that Remy hair means that it’s a bunch of different stands of hair mixed with synthetic hair. . I always get Remy clipons,  you see what a hot mess I looked. I looked like a Tsunami got to my head. .anyhoo he told me the way to find out if extension hair is real is to take a lighter and burn a strand of hair. If it’s real it will burn if it’s fake it will smell like plastic. Now  how no one told me this in all these years!! Duh!!…That makes sense. He was confident in his product. The hair he was selling came in a It reminded me  how Coach purses come with a bag to place your purse when not in use. I felt like this hair has to be good it comes in a box not in a Plastic bag!! ..I felt like I was buying Coach type of hair😂 he opened a box and it felt like hair I’ve felt before it was so smooth and silky, my heart sunk. I thought to myself please don’t buy the hair it must be super expensive..but the devil part of me kept saying buy it buy it. When he told me the price  $600 I said no. He told me he would give me deal. He gave me a good price. He told me not to tell anyone what he sold it for. I told him I would blog about him and that I wouldn’t tell anyone the price. Put it this way. I did not pay  $600 dollars but I better work 14 days straight to replace the money in my bank after I swiped 💕 He was adorable, half Italian and Romanian what a beautiful Mix. He had a Latin type of Carribean flare to him. He kept making me laugh. He had the coolest Steve Madden  shoes. I have a thing for men’s shoes. It says a lot about a guy. His knowledge of hair extensions blew me away. He looked like he was  27 years old. How did he know so much about hair? Whatever he did he got me to buy the best clipons I’ve ever bought, he said it would last me a year or more if I took good care of it. Today was the first day in ages that I wore my hair down without putting it in a ponytail in 30 minutes. When I walk it swings, its not stiff like mashed potatoes. It moves and flies in the air like a kite when I walk.
 I’m so happy. It’s 1:22 am and here I am blogging about it. The name of the brand of  hair is called SHE. He told me Kyle Jenner use to wear this brand of clipons. I don’t know if it’s true or not but when he told me that I grinned from ear to ear.
 See my before and after picture. The picture on the right was taken a few minutes ago. I went from rats nest to silky in one day. Can you see the difference in the way it looks. I’m sold..I will use this SHE brand until kingdom come. Ps) Look and see if they carry it in your local mall at the (carts)..

Okay I’m beat, long day..I will tell you more about it later..G’nite😴😴
Oh oh follow their hair page on Instagram the name of the page is @Beyondbeautyus


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