Skin products 

Let me tell you, about 13 years ago my skin got ruined with microdermabrassion. 

I’m not one to be in the sun I work too much. I go in early and come out at nite. I wore sunscreen but not religiously every single day. I noticed by the third week after getting the forehead developed this dark big ugly patch. It looked like I had the Canadian map on my forehead.  It’s been an on going battle I’ve tried everything. A client told me to try cocoa butter. She has beautiful skin and I figured why not he skin looks good! I did not spend a lot of money..I’ve been wearing it for about 4 the third week I noticed my skin was getting darker and strange looking.  I remember a few people telling me that sometimes skin patches get darker before it lightens up. We’ll today I went to my skin doctor that keeps me young if you know what I mean. 😁😁  the receptionist took some pictures of me and she compared my pictures to one’s I had taken 3 months earlier. She blurted out “Your skin is getting lighter!! I did notice it but I don’t want to get too excited..she asked me what I’ve been using and I told her….I saw the pictures and noticed a big difference..soon after my doctor showed up and I got my rejuvenating shots. That’s a better way for me to describe it..LOL!!! I left happy like always and headed to work. I will post pictures later of the products I’ve been using..hopefully they will help you as well. Remember change doesn’t happen over nite. These things take a looong time.
 I better charge my cell now…I want to keep blogging but I must sleep now.😴😴  

Hasta la vista!!


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