Squats does make a difference.  If you are going to buy a backside make sure you go to a good doctor. So far I haven’t seen excellent results..I remember years ago my client walked in walking like a duck, ..her back was going up and down like a yoyo….I’m not against surgeries..I understand we all want to feel good about ourselves but don’t just go to any doctor. Some are just in it for the money.  I set a consultation date with that one doctor in Beverly Hills you know the one with the cocky attitude, he had a reality show and a wife who never seemed happy..anyhoo they charged me $100 for a consultation on my bank card. I wanted a consultation on a breast reduction then changed my mind after I heard horror stories of getting ugly scars and keloid skin.  His office was supposed to cancel my bank card transaction If I cancelled the  appointment.  Well I never got my money back and they never returned my calls. I think his show was Dr. 90210?

.I know big gluts is the hot thing right now but I personally think Kim’s butt is out of control it looks like a caboose..sometimes it looks sexy and other times it looks like a laundry basket…whether you like it hugh or small do squats. Squats tightens your thighs and helps it not look so flay like a tortilla but more like a cute muffin.



  1. Sean Mungin · March 7, 2017

    😂😂😂…do it your way…naturally…it may take longer, but you don’t have to worry the side effects!

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