Let me just say that there is more than baseball players that come from my parent’s mother land. I was raised in California and so although I consider myself Latina I speak different than the Mexicans out here. I learned how to speak like them when I’m talking in Spanish to them. If I were to talk to a Mexican the same way I do when I speak with my mother they probably wouldn’t understand me. Here’s an example we live in the United States we speak English but a New Yorker speaks complete different than a Texans. They both speak English but with a different accent. I’m Dominican and we have a different accent. It’s cute and funny..I laugh myself to sleep with the Instagram Dominican comedy reminds me of how my family talks.  I’m afraid that when my mother passes I’m going to loose my Spanish completely..I’m  hanging on to the culture as much as I can by following Dominican pages on Instagram. In all the years I’ve been living in California I’ve only met a handful of Dominicans ..where are they I don’t know. I know there are all back east. It would be nice if I could meet more so I can practice my accent with them.
Here is a Dominican fitness model who is also a criminal lawyer..I showed my mother his picture and she said Wowzers!! LOL…I need a vacation🍺🛳🛫 but I keep making excuses for not taking one. I’m married to my soon as I heal from this dumb flu I’m going to get a passport and try and travel. One step at a time.  I want to go to Punta Cana and just eat and dance merengue until I can’t anymore.


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