When I post hair pictures of my work on Instagram I sometimes hash tag #fixyourself, that can mean anything from your hair, attitude, relationships self growth, you name it. This is me today after  Sunday service. I took my time doing my make up.. I was a little frustrated that I couldn’t find some of my brushes.  It’s okay it gives me an excuse to go back to the makeup store. I colored my grays last night..tried to go to bed early.  You know the best filter for pictures is taking care of your health and skin…but most of all taking care of your emotional being. Stress and sadness can age you rapidly especially. When you get dumped, don’t turn to drinking alcohol, smoking and letting yourself go. That is the time to love yourself more than ever. Join the gym, do soul searching and work on your inner beauty even when others don’t see the changes, eventually someone will notice your virtues, integrity and goodness, you will attract positive people and continue to grow. No matter what your going through take the time to #Fixyourself.


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