A classy women walks in with good posture confidence and  a smile. She lets things roll off her back. She smiles😊 when people insult her she smiles again and acts like she didn’t hear the remark. She’s a little mysterious and doesn’t hang around loud sailer cursing chicks😲She’s thick or skinny, she’s blond, red head or a brunette, she’s Black, White or Latina she’s any race. She doesn’t define herself by who she knows. People don’t know her buisnes because she’s learned not to vent to  just anyone. Folks try to bring her down but she’s hard as steal. She doesn’t show cleavage down to her belly button because her body is her temple. She’s not posting pictures of her gluts hoping to be discovered..she works hard and loves her family. Her purse says it all.👛👜 She likes the good things in life but isn’t a gold digger💍 …she doesn’t follow the crowds..she’s true to herself. She’s sincere and loving😍. This is what you call class. This is what we should be teaching young girls to be. Don’t let society and celebrities mold your daughters, nieces and students to the dark path of immodesty..teach them by example.  Don’t bring your 8 year old daughter to me to get highlights I won’t do it. Yes I need the money but let your kid be a kid. When she grows up and starts paying taxes then I will discuss hair color to her, in the mean time teach her class. You can buy her big lips😗 at 16 but she will get further in life if you teach her class.💕. This world needs a little more class….#spreadthemessage
Courtesy picture from pinterest. 


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