2016 was the year I learned the most of all times. I don’t make new year resolutions I take in what I learned the year before.  I learned not to trust. I learned that I don’t need 50 million friends that all I need is just one or two. I learned not to tell people my buisness unless of course if I’m blogging on WordPress..LOL..WordPress is like a public diary where you can express yourself and no one is chewing your head off or spreading your business with malicious intent. I feel more comfortable revealing myself in here than I do to folks in the real world. 1) People are just curious to know that you have problems 2) They will help you but it can come at a high price of betrayal. 3) Some like to know that you are suffering 4) There are lots of good people out there but they don’t feel comfortable when you vent to them. They give you a look like you’re crazy and want you to get over your emotional traumas in two days. I’m thankful to the handful that I can trust. I appreciate their ears and loyalty. We don’t talk every single day but I can count on them. Be thankful to your loyal friends and don’t reveal yourself to your haters. You know who they are by the gut bad vibe  you get when you see them. Trust your gut it doesn’t lie. 


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