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I’m so ready to move salon. My hopes are on the Sola Salon suites. I outgrew the salon that I’m in. I’m very thankful that I was given the opportunity to work’s in central Torrance near Del Amos mall on a main street..we all get along no one steals my stuff, rent is good but I want to be in pretty environment.  The owner doesn’t take pride in the salon. She’s had a lot to deal with as a salon owner..I can’t imagine the stress, taxes, plumbing problems, she’s a sweet as honey but it’s time to move on. I’ve let myself go. My hair looks a mess, I come to work in jeans …I got too comfortable..sometimes I look at myself and  ask what happened? I’ve worked in cooperation JC Penny’s, Regis. We had to dress up and look cute. Now I look like I’m selling tamales on Slauson blvd…I can’t wait to heal from this flu so that I can have the energy to wear makeup, ..I dress the same way the salon looks..🙄 …sorry for the type settings don’t know why the letters changed on me. Whats up WordPress 😂…anyhoo…you can’t do much when you are sick with no energy . In the meantime I will keep posting on my pinterest visualization board until my dreams manifest. I like this salon the rich colors..what do you think?

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