Thank you

Thank you followers for reading my blog. Sometimes I rant, sometimes I’m in a fashion mood, sometimes I want to talk about salon drama, food, fake eyelashes, celebrities, just blog about my day. You guys are an extension of the salon. I try to blog the same way I talk in the shop. No fancy words just everyday raw life stuff. I want to say so much but I’m always rushing to be somewhere..

That’s me a couple of months ago wearing fake eyelashes..I need to get one of those big magnifying mirrors so I can apply them. The last time I wore fake eyelashes I went to the Mac store..the girl did a awesome job. 

I better go now I have long way home..I’m hoping I go to bed early tonight. Long day at work tomorrow..if not I will post again later I’m sure I’ll find something to blog about at 2am..haha..


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