I don’t know what it is about me that I get blocked from wanna be celebrities.  Very Stiviano blocked me from  Instagram and now Amber Rose blocked me. You know what’s crazy people call them the worse vile names. I don’t curse them out but something about my replies or  questions must hit a nerve. Amber Rose calls herself a certified vile name. She promotes promiscuity, her memes are dirty vulgar. . I DON’T KNOW OF ANY MAN OR RAPPER WHO TALKS AS DIRTY AS HER. She posted a meme a couple of weeks ago saying that she is not ashamed to be called the vile name she uses for herself. 

( Not the exact words) I replied to her and told her that she is trying to use reverse psychology  by calling herself the vile name to make it seem like she is empowered. But that she’s not empowered because she knows deep inside people know that she is the vile name she calls herself. Next thing I know she blocked me. My clients laugh and cheer me on. They think I should be a talk show host. I hit nerves. I ask questions. I read em deep.😉 

I feel if you are in a position to have young lost girls look up to you you should  use it your advantage and teach them  self respect. Teach them to stay in school and not twerk their way to strip clubs. Teach them not to sleep around, to get a degree, read a book. I mean Amber has a son. I don’t think she cares about the psychological damage she can cause on her son. I would be mortified dead if my mom was behaving like her. But then again it’s the industry. You have to sale your soul to  the devil for 15 minutes of fame.


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