Men’s fade haircut

I’m enjoying  getting into men’s fade haircuts. I would say fading is by far harder than hair coloring. I guess it’s because hair coloring is my background. You can always fix a hair COLOR  but it’s harder to fix a fade if you left a hole on someone’s head or you made the fade crooked. Start off with good tools. Take barber lessons, watch lots of YouTube videos and keep practicing till you get it is a before and after picture on Joseph…I did this about two two weeks ago…his hair was a little challenge because it’s curly but when you brush it it lays straight..we had good conversations about food and cultures. He is my friend’s son. He’s Puerto Rican. He was telling me how in Puerto Rico there are Chinese people who cook Puerto Rican food and how the mixture of the two foods is so delicious!! Yum!. Can I get some fried Chinese plantains with Arroz con Pollo haha.. I think that’s how it goes..m


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