Cepeda Familia 

  • This is my family on my father’s  side. From left to right is my uncle Felix my grandmother Maria my father Manuel (wasn’t my father so handsome🤗) and my grandfather Luis Cepeda. I must say they were sharp dressers. In fact it was very few times that I ever saw my father wearing  jeans. He always  wore slacks…the last time I saw him he had his pajamas on waving at me as I headed back to the train station. I think we both knew  it was the last time we would see each other. I cried for 6 hours straight on Amtrak on the way back home. He died months later from cancer. I hope to see all my dead loved ones at the resurrection in paradise. I want to ask my grandfather why he had so many kids..haha..rumor has it he had kids from like 20 different women. I don’t know the facts I just know I come from a BIG family . I’ve been meeting  cousins and cousins and more cousins, one cousin told me his mother was number 17..another cousin told me she was granddaughter number 13.. I do know that when my grandfather passed away in his 60s he had  Lil kid.  I don’t judge my grandfather for having so many kids. I think he was trying to plant his seeds all over the Dominican Republic like Abraham 😁…he had a high position in the country when he was alive…I’m sure that didn’t help. Men in a suit in power. Well you know the rest😍..gotta rinse my client now..I will be back 

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