What you see

It’s it so true. Two people can be looking at a same problem or situation and come out looking at it completely different. Some people can hold on to envy and jealousy when you succeed. Others cheer you on. It’s rare that someone will actually tell you “I’m jealous of you. It happened to me once. I had a friend who confessed that she was jealous of me after a few glasses of wine. It explained her relentless jabs at me. What’s crazy is this woman has her own buisness, she doesn’t have money problems and she lives in a nice neighborhood.  Steparents  are jealous of their step kids.  Step kids don’t like the step parent. Coworkers rat and stabbed each other in the back then smile at you when you walk in. The list goes on. .two people are raised in the same dysfunctional environment.  One succeeds the other is stuck in his room dwelling on how his father spanked him when he was 8 years old. I mean seriously if you are pushing 50 don’t you think it’s time to let the pain go. How you view things comes from how you think. If you think life is unfair and everyone is out to get you then guess what. You will create situations to feed your fears. Take one hour day and week at a time. Make it a habit to see the good even in the most painful experiences. Did you learn something? Did you grow? How will the experience help you in the future? Age is only a number if your not growing. It’s wasted years.  Make each day and year count for the better.


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