This is a before and after I did on my client yesterday.  I just went into work for her.  I’m still battling this flu. She’s in town from Tahiti she travels the world to teach tahitian dancing. She lived in Paris for many years. Funny she is super nice and sweet  Most stories I hear about the French is how rude and mean they are to Americans. I don’t understand why..isn’t that draining? It takes way too much energy to be mean. We talked about Marlon Brandon, positive vibes and traving. She was a true gem. Her hair looked much better in person. I’ve been observing positive people.  They seem much more happy, some seem off balanced. I tend to be a realist ..I’m shooting for the optimistic way of looking at things lately. What do I have to loose. It was a pleasant experience doing Adelina’s hair. My cell phone did not do justice on her hair color..I’m think I’m done with  May Hair salon…It served it’s purpose..it’s  time to find a private studio.

Ps) I forgot to mention what I did with her ..😄…I toned down her tangerine hair color.  The picture on the far left is the before pictures.


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