Just never know.

This lady friend of mine has become one of my best therapists ever. I was paying  $140 for 45 min. The therapist I was going to was simply amazing but I ran out of money.  I needed a car and a place to move too…life took a turn for the worst last year for me but somehow I managed and recovered. I am blessed with good friends. Normally people sit on my chair and let me have it. They drop all their problems on me. Thats.fine but I need to be heard too..sometimes you hold everything in because the feedback you get is worse than the problem you are venting about. We did not become friends over night. It took like 10 years. I won’t go into the details but I’m glad her tenacious persistent on being kind and trying to get a hair appointment with me paid off. She didn’t try for 10 years straight but  every now and then when she did I  didn’t make an effort to book her..it went from a rocky start to one of the best women I know.  Give people  chance but follow your gut. I have nothing but love and respect for her. My gut tells me I let my guard down at the right time.  Today I did her color retouch we laughed I cried and cried some more. She brought me organic eggs from her chickens, flowers and Lemons all from her back yard. I was flattered.  Organic eggs wow!! I love my job😍🤗🤗🤗..I’m at the gym..I better pay attention to my work out..gotta go!!🙌



I could never get a client to lay their head back right.

Hair extensions 

There is something to be said a  a person who has a beautiful personality.  This is Michael the one who sold me hair extensions at the mall  couple a  of weeks ago. He since has gotten a undercut cool haircut since we took this picture together. This is us  after he used the gift of gab and got me to spend tons of money on hair  clipons. I need to buy more hair but that can wait for a while. I will get some maybe next month closer to the summer I’m going to mix two different colors and make it look like ombre at the bottom. Michael asked me if I had blogged about him when I saw him the other day. He remembered that I told him that I had a blog. I forgot to post his picture. My conscience feels better now that I posted his picture. I have to keep my word. I don’t know if he will remember to search my blog. But I will  say this. He offered an even amazing cheaper price on some hair the second time I saw him. I won’t go too deep into that today. For now all I can say Michael can sale you your own socks to you and make you feel like you bought them from a snobby boutique in France. This kid is adorable! He got skills! LOL 

Very true

I speak for myself..I learned this very on when I first got out of beauty  college.  I was trying to build a clientele

 I was was just taking anyone..even when I had a negative vibe about the person.  One time this girl came in and I got knots in my stomach. I dont remember all that I did but I was with her for along time. I was naive while I was doing her hair..I remember she had THICK hair…my energy was out of whack with her.. I didn’t feel at ease. When I was done she claimed she did not have change. She said she was going to cross the street and go get some. My gut told me she wasn’t going to come back. I stared at her out the window and saw her slowly walk and strut out like a masculine gangster.  She never came to pay me. I was embarrassed, afraid and shocked that someone would be so bold to get a free service..and walk out like that. Poof be gone!

 I charged her $50 that was a lot 30 years ago. I’m sure I was supposed to charge her more, but no not I. I  started the “I Feel Sorry For People  Cheap Prices Foundation..early in my career ..LOL…

I’ve gotten better with my prices but I listen to my gut now. If I feel weird about someone I don’t book them. They will have to beg me until I feel it. When I go against my gut intuition  90% of the it’s a nitemare.

Urgent Care

I had to cancel clients today do to a killer earache I’ve had for two days. I noticed since I’ve been on all kinds of medication I feel worse. My client who.is a nurse told me that high blood pressure medication can cause chest pains which I have ….I also remember her saying something about liquid in the lungs that can travel to the ears. Again I don’t remember her exact words but what she said makes sense or I could just have a infection for no reason.  Who knows?
I was fillling the paper work here at Urgent Care and it asked me what is my race and ethnicity.  In one of the questions I asked why? Does it make a difference what I am? My ear hurts bad I need help. I’m in pain hungry and irritable and I’m  stressin that I could not see my clients today. Thank goodness I have an awsome clientele who is loving and amazing ..I can’t wait to feel better soon  so that I can get my hands on their heads😍


This new client found me on Yelp the other day. I don’t do Yelp. My doctor has the worse reviews ever and she’s the best doctor I’ve ever had. I have good reviews but when some new clients come in the shop they make strange faces. The salon I work in is pretty old..the decor is old fashion ..they turn up their noses make a a rude comment and don’t come back. That’s fine with me. I can do your hair in the alley, homeless shelter or a Beverly Hills Penthouse. It’s not the location it’s my skills. Don’t judge people by the appearance of where they work. Judge them by the service they provide. 

Before and After

Fade cut on my young friend. I call him Debarge, he reminds me of the 80s family singing group. Who remembers the song  All This Love💕…this is his first ever fade cut. His mother has been cutting his hair since he was little..he went to a another barber but the barber isn’t familiar with his type of hair.  It took me about and hour or longer to cut his hair due to good wholesome spiritual encouraging conversations. I don’t have much left to say except that I’m beat..looong day…ZzzzzZzzzzzzzz..

Britney Spears

I love Britney she comes across as humble and lost. She seems like a genuine sincere sweet girl…I’ve been a fan of her for ages. But it bothers me that she is being taken advantage of. I have no idea who her hairstylist is but I’m sure she’s making gazillions from Britney. First of all she needs good  hair care. She needs the Joico protein spray before her hair color and bleach jobs apppointments to protect it from breakage,  she also needs to start taking vitamins to make her hair grow. I would recommend the Nioxin shampoo, I would also recommend  blunt trims on her hair of half an inch every 3 to 4 months. As far as the hair extensions the person doing them needs to get fired Britney needs to switch to seeing Beyonce’s stylist. BEYONCÉ’S hair is always on point. I would love to get my hands on Britney’s hair for at least three years to make her her grow out and make her hair extensions look decent. There should be no excuse why her tracks,  or her glued gun pieces to her scalp show. Tokyo Styles the wig maker would do  an amazing job on her!. Her confidence will go up and her record sales would improve. Britney Spears hair is in danger!  Someone needs to stop this. If you know her please give her my number I would treat her hair with loving care. It’s been bothering me for years….
I was taking a blog break for a couple of days but got upset when I saw one of her Instagram videos..her body is amazing but when she turned around and I saw the big gaps of spaces in her hair I shrieked. There is never an excuse why a millionaire should walk around with messed up hair. NEVER.  TELL HER I’M LOOKING FOR HER😉

Guy Tang

Funny I took this picture with Guy Tang it’s a poster at the beauty supply store but my followers think it’s really him. Guy Tang is a famous hairstylist who blew up on social media and now he has his own color line. Amazing isn’t it. The bottom of the poster says to take a selfie with the poster and to hashtag #mydentity on Instagram. Why? Do I get a free class? Free products?  He acknowledged that I tagged him on my picture and he blew me a kiss. That’s it? LOL…I’m thankful that he blew me a kiss considering how many followers he has. I don’t think he would of ever acknowledged me had I not taken this picture with the poster. I do feel like a star though..Thank  you Guy Tang.. Thank you. This  was a good incentive to be more creative and to challenge myself more😍