Sorry I haven’t been able to respond to comments I got a new cell. My last one broke and I was having a hard time typing. I noticed my cell phone breaks just in time when I’m due for an upgrade. It’s not coincidence that  my cell starts to malfunction like clock work right when that time is up.


True Blue

I managed to do four clients even though I am sick with the flu. I must say my clients must love me..I wasn’t looking  right. I looked discombobulated, watery eyes, messy station.. I tried as much as I could. I could of done better had I had a mask to wear. You would think they sale masks at the supply stores but they don’t.  At least not the stores I shop. I bleached her hair then added the cobalt blue by joico intensity and placed her under the dryer for 30 min. She was happy, I was happy …that is the best way to end a Saturday night.

The struggle is real

My client  got physically sick from smelling the incents that the owner of the shop burns.  I respect her beliefs of giving her Buddha chicken, oranges sandwiches and such,  he eats better than me. My client is Chinese  so no its not a prejudice thing. I’ve lost clients because of the burning incents.  Is there a way to serve your God without causing  allergies.  Thank goodness my client booked her next appointment before she left.  I had to speak up after 10 years of smelling this powerful smell that burns the hairs in my nostrils. I told the owner that my client got sick, she humbly apologized and tried to comfort my client with the purple towel on her face. Maybe that is why my chest hurts sometimes all the perm fumes, incents. Hair color etc. This is a reminder that I must get masks from the supply store tomorrow and protect myself.  In the beginning it reminded of Venice Beach. Now it’s affecting people’s  health. Not bueno. 



Sometimes I want to blog but then all of a sudden WordPress acts up and I can’t type or it decides to move my post to drafts without my permission­čśÇ..
I did this last month. Her hair is super resistant. It was a color correction.. She had like three different colors. Its going to take some time for me to get it exactly to my liking. In the meantime she looks beautiful like always.

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So much


So much has happened since I posted last. I’ve been so busy with work  other stuff and trying to manage all my other social media accounts for my marketing. I kept telling myself “Oh this would be perfect for WordPress! Then I get too tired to blog and fall asleep. I did this updo today but I did her haircolor about a month ago..I did a wetset on her, took the rollers out smoothed her edges with the flatiron and then did a French twist on her…funny the last time she came to the shop one of my clients was acting very mean and rude to my coworkers and the girl in the picture on top. My client showed up 13 min early an snapped when she saw her on my chair. To cut the story short she told me the only reason she came to the shop was for me because she doesn’t like a Budah hairsalon…she ruined everyone’s vibe and was nagging the whole entire time she was there. I finally had it  and I told her not to ever come back again because I did not appreciate how rude she was towards my coworkers and client. I can tolerate people snapping at me from time to time but even then I’m not a punching bag. When I told her not to come back she told me that the reason why she left her last hairstylist was because of her conspiracy theories. I was like huh? Then it hit me. She has mental problems. I felt bad when she left. I realized her conspiracy comment was a red flag she needed medication. There is more to the story buy I’m exhausted its 1:26am…I will try and finish the rest tomorrow. ZzzzzzzZ­čś┤zzzzzzz­čś┤Zzz

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