I’m back at work! This is my second day after being away from my lovely clients the past 6 weeks! There is so much celebrity entertainment we have to catch  up. Did you see how  Drake declared his love for Rhianna on stage in front of the world. Now that is what I’m talking about. This guy gets dissed all the time because he writes cute love songs and isn’t calling women  horrible rated R names. He’s the under dog from the kids tv show Degrasi, it was just like 3 years ago social  media was making horrible memes about him..they would mock his music for not being a woman hater. Well Sunday night the VMAS brought a twist to the  ratchet show.. ..these two had classy outfits on ..they looked like they were going to the prom or getting married. . awe…
I hope Rhianna doesn’t hurt him. She’s young and might not understand and appreciate a good man yet….Rhianna if you are not going to appreciate the good guy there are thousands of ladies that will. Hold on to him!

Brittany Spears performed, I like her but the poor thing tried to hard…she was a little too extra for me.. Danny the cashier from Cosmoprof where I get my hair supplies told me yesterday  “She’s gone! She lost it! ..The way he said it made bust out laughing..(you had to be there).

Ok getting sleepy now ..let me tell you this before I go. I bought a hair color for my client yesterday..I couldn’t find the color I had to walk back to the supply store and get another color,  half way through my application on my client’s head May the owner of the shop found the lost color in the refrigerator.  I don’t remember putting it in there.  I guess I was trying to keep the haircolor fresh? Who knows…we got a good laugh out of it. It explains why my sister calls Me the Dominican I Love Lucy😁…Until next time…ZzzZzzZZZZ 

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