Total hysterectomy


Sorry guys I’ve been healing from my surgery I had last Monday. I had to have a total hysterectomy  and now I want to take the time to educate my female clients. I’ve been suffering from fibroids for many years. I would go into labor pains monthly and would have to reschedule clients.  Sometimes I would work and live off a bottle of advils. A few months ago I was in so much pain it caused me to have a migraine which then caused me to get sick and pull over to clean out my stomach. I was so nauseated it made my migraine worse. Another time I had to rush myself to the emergency because I was hemorrhaging so bad I looked like I got shot. Sorry for the graphic details  but I say this to those  who claim  that fibroids aren’t that bad. . To the ones who down play your illness and say  “Oh it’s no big deal. Here is my journey from last week’s surgery. I woke up screaming and crying trying to jump out of the bed when I woke up from the surgery.I felt like them Isis dudes got to me. I was grabbing my sister for dear life begging her not to leave me. She had to go to work and ended getting  into a car accident. Thank goodness she is fine. I scared the lady (patient) in my room I was crying so loud. Morphine helped a little bit. . I’ve never felt pain like that in my life. I go had to get cut instead of having it done laproscopic. One nurse told me that hysterectomys are more painful than a C section. I believe her.  The good thing about this nitemare is that I was saved from having cancer spread since my tests kept coming back abnormal and my symptoms were getting WORSE. The first 4 days are horrible . It hurts when you laugh, it hurts when you cough. You need help  getting up to walk.  The best pain killer I was given was percocet.  The doctor was smart not to prescribe it to me or else I would be taking it  ALL day. It didn’t give nausea and I don’t feel a drop of pain. Nothing. Nadal.  You feel soooooooo good 😃….anyhoo. On top of all of it. I had bad depression for two months before  the surgery. I went through the emotional turmoil of having  my lady parts removed. I thought  I was going to be walking around like  the Tin Man. Like Kaitlin Jenner.  Now don’t get so  easily  offended and start marching and protesting about my Jenner comment. This world has become  so sensitive  you can’t sneeze.  I don’t know when I will be back  to work. I’ve been blessed with the best understanding clientele and friends in the world. I hope to recover soon. I’m happy the worse is over and I will never again have to cancel a client because I am too pained to work. I will never have to walk around with  a fake smile. Avoid caffeine and alcohol if you have fibroids.  Use depend diapers  if you have fibroids they work!!😃   and a get  a good doctor. I’m happy with mine. She handled the matter and now I will never have to suffer labor pains again. I am surrounded by so much love and affection from my friends in my congregation I am healing. Love heals. I can’t wait to bounce back so that I can pay it foward to the next person in need. Share your story hysterectomy story and vent all you want on my page because  I understand your  pain. Trust me I understand!!

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