I have no idea why I look so thin in this picture. I took a drive to Pasadena the last two Wednesday nites, its my escape. It’s clean with cute coffee shops and it has the best taco truck ever!!.  .I don’t know what in the world happened to my appointment book. I spent almost $40 bucks on that thing and it just vanish in thin air. Just like that poof!!..My life is in the book. I book my clients and schedule  all my doctor’s appointments, color formulas phone numbers  and all. Thank goodness  my clientel is so amazingly cool they have all responded to my stressed group  text messages  and let me know when they are supposed  to be coming in. Phew!!. Loosing your appointment  book is enough  to give you a heart attack.

I went to the gym last nite  worked out for about 45 min took a shower and went in my car to try and pray in peace. Well no. That wasn’t going to happen.  I just can’t seem to get two minutes  to just chill and mediate. Here comes the nice security  guard telling me I couldn’t sleep over nite in the parking  lot. Huh? What made you think that? I thought  to myself. He then goes on to tell me sad stories about how many homeless people  in RVS and Mercedes cars  park in the gym parking lot, this epidemic is put out control!! He then tells me he too is homeless. His landlord  ripped $40,000 off the tenant’s rent, he would sometimes  give them receipts  for the  rent and other times he wouldn’t. When the new owners  of the apartment  building  took over they evicted 4 tenants  just like that. Poof be gone!… Wow. ..I don’t understand  wickedness, greed and the justification  of the outrages rent, they are charging for just a studio  $1,200 seriously!!! Greed is spreading like a plague. Bad people  make it hard for honest hardworkers who are trying to get by  in life. Just like the Bible says. Men cannot  direct their own steps. It’s a jungle out here. Count your blessings. Be thankful you have a roof  over your head. Pay your bills on time, keep  all your receipts and make sure you charge your clients  what you are worth. I feel bad for homeless  people. No not all of them are on drugs or alcoholic. Some just were a pay  check away from being homeless, got caught  up by greedy, lanlords, got sick, who knows. There are all million reasons why someone is sleeping  at the gym parking lot over nite in a mercedes. In the meantime I’m having to wake up super early to start my day and figure out who is coming when and trying  to remember  their color  formulas. …I wish I were in Pasadena  now…I love it there! One day I will work my way up to moving  to Old Pasadena. Okay gotta go now and get my coffee  before  my first  client Sheila  arrives. She is loyal to the bone. I may have 99 problem but a awsome clientele  ain’t one. …I needed to rant about the homeless problem. Something I will be discussing all day with my clients. I will  vent about whatever  is bothering me for the next week. My clients and I take a turn releasing our frustrations. Cheaper than paying $150 for a therapist. I wish I had that money  for one.  For now WordPress and my clients  will do…ttyl. .chao👋..(rushes to work )

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