Unless it’s WordPress 😍 seriously  be careful don’t do it. Think very hard who you are going to vent to its  better not to say too much,  talking to the wrong person  can backfire. 1) They can bring up the conversation in front of others at the wrong place in front of others 2) You will forget what you vented about and they wont. They will resent the person you vented about after you’ve already made the peace with the one you vented about. 3) You don’t want to come off as a Debbie Downer 4) Don’t vent about a guy you like. It will draw attention to him and next thing you know
your friend is super extra  friendly to him. 5) Some people really don’t care about you. They just want to be nosy. 6) Don’t always  trust old ladies. Some aren’t as innocent as they look. They still have feelings and fall for guys 30 years younger than them and will  ruin your  reputation so he won’t get a chance to get to know you. 7) Not all coworkers are cool whatever you tell them in confidence  they will rat you out to your boss if it means your going to get a raise or a higher  position. 8) Some people are like crabs..they will pull you down when the water gets hot.  9) Get a handful of trusted friends and even better if they live out of state. 10) Don’t ask nosy personal questions. The less you know the better.

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