This is Michael we went to beauty college at Flavios together  in Gardena 29 years ago. I have a special spot in my heart for him. I stopped by the JC  Penneys salon  just now to say hello to my ol coworkers. I worked  at JC Pennys for a short time. Michael and I were just reminiscing our beauty  college  days. I’m sure our teachers are sleeping in death. We had a Japanese  teacher named Miss Amy..who was like 5ft tall. She use to wear big plat form shoes a burnt looking afro perm and would color her hair a brassy orange color with these spider fake lookin eyelashes. She looked like a cartoon. Mrs Brown was older. She use to always tell me over and over again  if your not going to do it right don’t it at all. Profound words of wisdom. I use be so impatient  and keep checking my perm rods right after I saturated the hair with the nasty smelling perm solution.  Can’t  they make those things smell better! LOL…Michael went straight from beauty  college  to JC Pennys. It’s the one and only salon he’s ever worked  at. He’s set  with a good retirement plan and benefits when he leaves. I on the other hand have worked in 9 different  hair salons. Was young  and not too stable.  I could never find the perfect salon that catered to my diversed clientele.  The black salons would be mean  to my white and Hispanic clients. The Hispanic  salons weren’t too friendly to my black and white clients. The white salon  owner named Debra would make my black clients pay first. It was a hot mess! I finally ended in a Chinese  hair salon. No drama  no racial issues just straight up buisness  just like I like it. May the salon owner treats  ALL my clients equal. I’m blessed to have found the perfect spot for me. I wish the whole world would be like  nice like May💛

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