Tales of the chair


It’s been a loooooooong  time. Sorry I haven’t been posting I’ve been  venting to my friends instead. I like how we end up laughing our heads off at by the end of the conversation. Client is sitting  with her color. We were just discussing Sonia  Risken. She was a hairstylist  who had two of her husbands killedfor insurance  money. She had a shop in the next city over named Lomita. Google her. This is the stuff that movies  are made of. One of my coworkers use to work in her salon.  First of all killing your spouse  for five thousand  dollars is ludicrous. Number two are you nuts!! There is not enough to money in the world to be going around killing people. Heck if you were short on money open a instagram account  and hustle and network there.  Anyhoo..Sonia ended getting shot by her nephew. I take it she owed him money for the hit he did on her last hubby. So  sad indeed. Suffering is worse than death. She caused a lot of pain to her ex in laws who have to mourn for rest of their lives. ….

I colored my hair a black violet color today. It was time to change my whole attitude.  Behind every dramatic color change or hair cut there is an emotional  change or growth. Not for everyone  but for some of us.
I went through one of the craziest, saddest unexpected change this month. Thank goodness  today this month is over. I don’t want to remember it or relive it. Well time is up! I gotta rinse my client’s hair color now. Chao!

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