My client  was inspired to get purple highlites today because she misses Prince. You know I don’t think there will be another genius like him in my lifetime. The man played 27 instruments.  Why wasn’t this discussed when he was alive. I don’t remember  ever hearing that. Today was more like a trial thing. To see how good her hair would take. She loved it so much  she wants to get more purple the next time  she comes in. Today was a good day except earlier in the day I had dilemma  with another client. I never get her hair exactly  the way she wants it. She’s nice but there is  something  about her INTENSE  personality that blocks my rhythm, there is always a minor complaint. .. (sighs)
For some strange reason the topic of racism kept coming up with different  clients today . People  are getting sick and tired of the oh me oh my,  stop picking on me because of my color. This life isn’t fair. Stop stirring  the pot. There is good and bad in all races. Don’t hate a race because what someone did to you 26 years ago. Life is too short. Drink your water daily and mind your business  who cares who is dating who and why is he going  out with Becky with the  good hair.  Heck get a good wig from @Tokyostyles on instagram and go to Switzerland. There is someone  out there for everyone focus on yourself and work on your inner  beauty. The right man will come along when you stop hating  on others. #forreal

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