Hit it off


First session hair color. I’m in the process of pulling her black out. It’s going to be a tedious process but worth the wait. From the first time she walked in the shop we just his it off like lighting and thunder. I haven’t  had the happened  in along time. Unexpected friendships are the best ones. We get each other. We talk and there isn’t any correction between us, it just flows. Have you ever met a person that when you are telling a story they MISS the whole point because they are too busy interrupting you telling you “No it’s not like that, that isn’t right  it’s supposed  to go like this..blah blah blah…it’s so annoying. It’s like they are counting seconds in their head hurrying  up to correct and disect whatever it is your talking about. Ah!…That was a good ol vent ..LOL..anyhoo she’s coming in in  couple  of months…to be continued. ..

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