Salon talk


We are all late at times. Sometimes  more than others and sometimes  your on point.  But there are some people  who are ALWAYS late. It doesn’t matter  how much money, how expensive  your car is your job tittle, your gorgeous face none of that matters if you are late  to EVERYTHING . It makes you look ugly selfish  and inconsiderate. Nothing  about  being late   makes you look cute. Thought  I had my  Saturday planned to go home when the sun was still out but no. Here I am stuck at the shop waiting  for a color to process.  She will  be getting the dear John text message in a couple of weeks when I’m calm. I can’t do this anymore 😨😨😨😨😨😨 she’s going to be late to her own funeral. Goodness gracious. Let me smile and be nice. Time is up. ..gotta go..will be back in a few.

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