Loving my Cinderella shoes. Ladies take care of your feet. You might have a tortilla behind,  a big nose, tiny lips or unruly  hair. But  let me tell you. Your feet says a lot about you. They don’t have to be perfect  but at least give them some love. Go get a pedi. It says a lot about you. I’ve talked to many male friends and they’ve told me their secret thoughts on ladie’s  feet. Some guys just don’t care that you have caveman  feet. But those that do take notice. I started paying attention  to my feet when one day my brother at the time was 12 and I 14 years old. I remember  a vivid conversation  we had outside the house in Gardena  where we lived. He told me that it did not matter how pretty  a girl was but if he looked down at her feet and they were crusty  dry with chipped polished that it grossed him out. Mind you  he was 12 at the time. I remember  thinking  to myself  if he’s a kid what do grown men think about crusty feet!!..LOL….

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