Jυѕт тyped oυт a venтιng ѕeѕѕιon and ιт dιѕappeared..lιĸe pooғ вe gone..υgн!!..I вlocĸed a тoхιc ғrιend тoday ғroм мy cell.. Soмe ғrιendѕнιpѕ are noт мeanт тo laѕт ғorever. I’м ĸnown ғor droppιng ғolĸѕ lιĸe нoт poтaтoѕ. Iѕ ιт wrong? I don’т ĸnow. I нave тo love and care ғor мyѕelғ. I don’т нave тιмe тo waѕтe on тoхιc waѕтe ιғ тιмe. Soмe people are тoυcнed ιn тнe нead and reғυѕe тo geт нelp. Iғ yoυ leт тнeм тнey wιll draιn yoυr energy lιĸe вlood ѕυcĸιng leecнeѕ. Tнe crazy тнιng ιѕ тнaт тнey are oғғ ιn тнe mind вυт clever enoυgн тo мanιpυlaтe, ѕcнeмe, тell мore lιeѕ тнan тнe мιllιon мan мarcнт, plan, ploт вe connιvιng, and play vιcтιм and ғool тнe мaѕѕeѕ. Noт wιтн мe. Fool мe once ѕнaмe on yoυ ғool мe 30 тιмeѕ..I’м done😃😃😃😃😃😂😂😂😂😂…oн вoy ιѕ 3aм!! Goттa go cнao!😚

Hey ..мy prιor poѕт appeared..нυн!
(Scraтcнes нead)

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