Thelma and Luise


Daisy and I yesterday at Del Amo Mall.  We were playing with makeup ..she’s an amazing barber I don’t understand  why she isn’t  promoting her work on instagram. She is my friend I met at a hair salon in Jersey  when I was 20 years old. Yesterday we talked like time never passed. She’s the older sister I’ve always wanted. She became a witness when I left Jersey. We  have a tighter bond cause now we are sisters  in faith. We shared beauty  tips yesterday and encouraged each other spiritualy. Did I tell you she survived 3rd degree burns. She was in the hospital for weeks. . She painted her nails then went to try and turn on the stove. When the stove finally came on she caught on fire because  of her nail polish!!!!..The last time I saw her 3 years ago she looked burnt. Amazingly the miracle of coco butter she looks good. She rubs coco butter daily on her scars. You could never tell she almost died. I appreciate  my friendship with her.  We were  talking  about her moving to Cali and working together  again like we did 25 years ago. Now that would be too good  to be true.  We are the OG Thelma and Luise….except  now we can’t run as fast cause we both have arthritis 😁😁😁😂

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