New Jersey


This is Daisy I met her like 25 years ago in a hair salon in Jersey, we hit it off right away. I went on vacation back east and ended up staying 4 months even got job at a hairsalon. We worked  together  for like a week. The owner  of the salon did not want Daisy and I talk to each  other so weird. She didn’t want us to communicate.  Well it just made our friendship tight. We both ended up quitting after about a week. I was going  to stay and live in Jersey until one day a family  member took me to a strange house party. I ended getting  slapped (hard) 3 times by a demonized woman who does  brujeria aka witchcraft…I thought to myself that is NOT how we party in Cali!! The ladie’s son was so embarrassed and kept apologizing for his crazy mother. He told me she gets the spirits on fridays. She had a tranced cold evil look  .you could feel her negative vibe..I remember  I screamed and ran out  the party when I found out  about her being a witchypoo. I called my mom from a phone booth and begged her to get me a one way to ticket back home. Daisy and I kept in touch for the first couple of years…then we lost contact for like 13 years. I found  her on facebook 3 years ago.  She came to visit me yesterday  and I gave her color job. I’m flattered that she will be flying out for her highlites. I don’t know if it’s a east coast  thing to wear the hair so black. Thats fine when your a young spring  chicken but not when your in your 40s or makes you look hard. This was her first session. .I will make her blonder with each one of her visits.. there is so much to blog about our friendship but I’m getting  hungry now. Can’t wait for my mom’s cleaning  lady to go home so I can eat in peace. She gets offended when we eat. Isn’t that something. Some people 😃

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