About time!


About time we hairstylist  are getting the respect we deserve. I knew  there would come a day that we would turn into celebrities. Well  not me but other stylists πŸ˜„. .I didn’t go to the  hair show.  I’m going to take classes at cosmoprof Instead.  I didn’t want to pay $80 for a ticket and  $15 for parking…the last few times I went the classes weren’t  free like they use to be. And it was a big dilemma just trying to get in. You had to go through this long process after you bought your ticket just to get inside the show. Well the one year I didn’t go last weekend. I heard the show was great! This is Larisa Doll from instagram. She’s an amazing  stylist who became famous for her work along with Guy Tang, Bescene, Philip Styles  and others. I’m telling  you instagram  is   a good career booster. Larissa is now featured in magazines and gives classes all over the states. (Thanks  to instagram)😍 She’s working it. I was told that the social media famous hairstylists made the show. It had a concert effect πŸ˜‰ one day. I’ll be walking  down the street and someone will  yell “There she goes!  ..I remember  how excited I got when I saw Philip Styles from instagram  at the supply store. I almost asked for his autograph but didn’t want him to think I was a freak..hehe. He was extremely  humble when I recognized him. He wasn’t arrogant. He started following me on instagram.  It feels good to be recognized  for all the stuff stylists have to endure. Yesterday one of my clients left angry and didn’t make her next appointment  like she normaly does because she was upset, she  thought I forgot her when I was apply appointment color on my other client. I didn’t  forget. You never know what ticks people  off and makes em loose their temper. But then again you never know what can tick me offπŸ˜„…after she left I realized how unattractive it is to loose your temper. Calm is a super powerπŸ’ͺ the calmer you are and in control of your emotions the more appealing you become. Let’s work hard in not giving cause for stumbling or killing a good vibe in a pleasant environment πŸ’— and if some gets mad don’t loose sleep over it. You can’t go to work with bags under your eyes☺

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