A lady’s hands say a lot about a her. I saw my friend Alicia’s nails on Sunday. They look much nicer in person than in the picture. We went to eat at IHOP after Sunday service and they were just glisering at the restaurant. My eyes kept following her hands they looked so nice. I wish I could keep em that long but its hard to work with long nails and when one breaks..ouch! LOL..I told her I was going to copy her nails and so that is why I took a picture to show my nail guy Jimmy. If you feel a lil depressed, just got insulted by a mean girl, your guy didn’t call you today, your jeans don’t fit or you didn’t get that job promotion go get your nails done. Trust me it will change your whole mood. You will feel lady like and confident, its those lil things you need to do to lift yourself up. Go get em!😉

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