Metallic hair


Did some metallic highlights today. It was my first time using the guy tang Kenra color. I am looking forward to doing more of them. Its kind of tricky to color hair metallic. My client was telling me as I styled her that she got charged $300 dollars for her nails a few years ago for her wedding in the city of Torrance. She was livid. If your going to charge $300 dollars for nails they better not break. I expect lunch, champagne, a goodie bag, message on my arms and upper shoulders😂I wish I could see what they  do for $300 bucks. I’m sure its nothing my nail guy Jimmy cant do. I mean $300 bucks for nails. She could of bought a flat screen TV for that money.  Folks are making a killing in the beauty industry….I better jump on the band wagon😁 Good grief.

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