I think I did pretty good pretending to be a photographer on myself with my own cell phone.. Haha..I took this like 3 years ago.

Anyhoo nothing dramatic has happened in the shop lately that I can thing of except my cute lil coworker named Happy quit a couple of weeks ago. She rented a chair like me. The washer machine at the salon broke and the owner wanted for us to go half on the new machine. She said that Happy and I use the maching a lot. Hummm my rent includes the use of  the machine and if it broke maybe it’s because the washer machine was 15 or more years old. Things break. Happy wasn’t having it. There is more to the story and so she left. I will miss her since she was one of the nicest coworker in the shop. I paid some money for the machine today. I’m making payments😂😂..oh well what to do. I have to use clean towels on each client. I don’t reuse them. Maybe I should bring my laundry since I’m paying for it😊

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