I’m running out of makeup. This was my look last Friday. I just got a text from I dont know who telling me they want their hair done and for me to give them a good price.

1) Don’t ask me for discounts especially if I don’t know you.

2) You don’t get a discount at the gas station you have to pay the prize everyone else is paying.

3) This isn’t the swapmeet.

Giving discounts is what go me in a hole I’m in. I deleted the text. My sister tells me she likes my new tough side. After a while you get hard..you get tired of being pimped. I went to school for 18 long months and took a stressful test to pass the state board. I will loose client who will read this and I will gain new ones that respect my worth. It is what it is. Demanding a discount is the fastest way to not get a response from me.

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