Inspired by the picture on the left I found somewhere on Pinterest. I cut my friend’s hair Darla on the right. Except I need her to grow her bangs and sides out because she had short layers. I’m hoping to get her hair looking like the picture on the right in a couple of months. Her hair grows fast since she takes lots of vitamins. ..besides hair we have become like white on rice. She had been praying for a friend and Ta DA!! Her son keeps telling me I’m so glad your my mom’s friend. We just hit it off. There is no off energy between us..we can talk and laugh for hours with each other without having to walk on egg shells. Share secrets..enjoy a dirty martini and encourage each other to keep going. I let my gut lead me. Whenever I go against it things go static. We have the same spiritual goals, we are both work in progress. She’s humble a good listener and supporter. My gut doesn’t  give me bad vibes. I can be myself around her, She’s trustworthy, doesn’t judge or feel the need to correct everything I say..there is no competition just good cheap therapy💙 Friendships like this are precious…. It’s not how long you’ve know someone its all about that gut feeling😊🙏🏿..


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