I tried cutting corners by saving money and doing my own nails. No way, it’s not for me. The no chip polishes are all lies. My hands looked like they had been through a tornado. I caved in and went to see my nail guy Jimmy. He was busy and so his wife did my nails. Funny how a simple manicure lifts your confidence..I have no problem shaking folks hands now. I don’t have to hide my hands and I feel better flippin pages. Its the little things you do for yourself that adds up and makes all the difference in the world. Whether money is tight or not there is no excuse for walking around with tore up hands. And don’t go to a job interview with chipped polish. That is a no no. A big turn off. If you don’t have the time to take off chipped polish what makes you think you will be given responsibilities at a new job. People notice things like that. I went black today because I’m in one of those moods. Let my nails express how I feel with a touch of glitter and throw  people off. Keep them guessing😊

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