Mean girls

I did this yesterday. I’m in the process of making her really blond I haven’t seen her in months. I am having her come back in as to give her hair a break. I went to be early, now its 3am and I can’t go back to sleep thinking of women who are mean girls. I understand the struggle is real in trying to find a mate but being friendly in front of your love interest and being condesending and mean to his female friends is not nice. It makes you look unnatractive. We all know I wear clip on hair extensions. I’m a stylist, its my right to be bald one day and look like Pocahontas the next😂😂 …I have no shame telling people if and when they ask me. But if your asking me in a rude way in front of your crush  to try to embarrasse me your only hurting yourself. Why do women feel the need to be nasty to you but once they find out your a hairstylist then they want to be nice to you so they can get a hair appointment with you? Ummmm no. Talk to the hand Felicia.  Its not that she asked me. Its how she asked me in front of him. She’s been sending territorial signals for me to back off. What’s funny he’s not even her boyfriend.  He’s my friend  She was pretty to me until the green eyed monster started to creep through her pores. Her blue eyes are just blue now they don’t sparkle to me anymore..her for head could use some botox  and her pale hands are full of sun spots. Her teeth. ..she needs help!! Funny how someone you thought was so pretty transforms when  her jealousy is getting the best of her. What’s sad I’ve been nothing but kind and polite to her. Now here I am lowering myself to her level by blogging about her. She gives me the cold look when he’s not looking. She has him fooled but only for a while..eventually his peers will start to pull away..she changes the mood when energy I arrive… He’s a smart guy. He will pick up on it..people are seeing her actions. In the meantime I will continue to do my thing.. And just sit back and see how this all plays out.  Mean girls.

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