Adele gives me goose bumps when she sings (Hello) …she helps embrace my thickness. I’m so glad she brought class back. She proves that you can sing without having to be trashy and shaking your uterus around like you in a spin cycle of a washer machine.  I just YouTubed the video while my client sits with her hair color. Boy! I wish I could sing like that. I read an article that she taught herself to sing. I try to sing my lil heart out in the car. People look at me and smile…😄..they’re  amused. Hope to make some extra funds this week so I can buy her CD. Love Adele! I’m obsessed with the English culture…I’m supposed to be going next year. Let’s just hope…sing along now..”Heeeeello from the other side….gut wrenching song. Her hair, makeup, nails. Everything is on point. You go gurl😉

Let me go rinse this color now..#salontalk

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