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My client Cathy comes like every two months. I haven’t seen her in a while. Today I colored retouch her hair, did crown highlights and a cut.  We had a funny conversation about cats. How the vet super charged her to keep her cat alive for two days after she told them the cat wasn’t going to recover. The cat died and then came ALL the hidden fees. They didn’t charge her for putting the cat to sleep but she still had to pay $1500 for all the unnecessary stuff she told them not to do. We laughed at how cats view things. ..they are smarter than you think. I can go on for days about my cat named (Pata Largas)..he adopted me. He sees me turning the corner and he runs after my car until I pull up in the drive way. He’s sneaky. He creeps through the window and sleeps on top of the restroom rug like he pays rent here. He makes sure to sneak by Juliet my mom’s cat.  Juliet is very territorial and gives him a couple of smacks when Pata Largas comes by. I need to video tape it one day. She’s like Sugar Ray Leonard she hits quick!🐱🐈

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