Hanging out


When you hang out at the doctors office as much as I do,  might as well take selfies in the room..LOL. .funny I think it was Friday night I was listening  to a radio at work. Normally  when folks call in they talk about how much they love their husband or wife, how they met, all the gooey stuff then they dedicate a love song. Well this night it was different. This guy named Steve called and said his girlfriend  had long beautiful  long blond hair and that she cut it short and dyed it red. He says he can’t stand it, and that the more he looks at her she looks like a Leprechaun. He asked the DJ if he should be honest and tell his girlfriend  how he feels or if he should hold it in. I could not help but laugh. I thought  it was a radio station for dedicating love songs. This goes to show how hair makes a huge  difference  in romantic relationships. The caller was really perturbed.  He said she was really happy with  her new look but he’s really turned off. I laugh, but you know  this is a serious  thing. I hope they find a way to communicate  and make it work. She can always get hair extensions.  .maybe it was too extreme of a change. What do do think. Should he tell his lady she looks like leprechaun  or should he suffer in silence?

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