Transformed before and after


I did a color and cut makeover on this new stay at home mommy last night. She was honest when I asked her if she had black box dye on her hair and she didn’t. I like honest clients. It makes my job easier.  When you tell me that you haven’t  colored  your hair in a year and then I put the color on you and it looks likes a spotted Zebra whose fault is that? BE HONEST.  It’s the only way your hair stylist  can do a good job. When your not honest it creates drama. Your not happy and we are left drained having to explain over and over again that color does not lift color. You have to use bleach or a color removal  to get the black dye out of your hair. I was fortunate  that her hair was Virgin hair. Never been colored and so I was able to give her what she wanted.  I used a toner to control her hair from getting brassy but it will get lighter after two weeks. We will meet again in a few more months to retouch  and make her hair lighter. She left happy, I’m happy and will sleep  good tonight  😉😃 #cutandcolor

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