I got a fake hundred bill from a client  yesterday.  I held up a line at clothing store while they tested it. They wouldn’t  take it,  then I tried to deposit  at the ATM to make sure it was real. The ATM  spit it out. And so I walked to Tilly’s  another clothing store for teens and asked the cashier to please test the bill on her machine. Well guess what, the machine spit  it out as well. Thank goodness  the client came and paid me a real  bill today. She told me her hubby got it from a teller  at the bank. Who knows maybe it’s  El Chapo’s money..LOL!!! On the serious side I was told by my other client’s hubby  who is a cop that fake $$$  is federal offense.  I’m so Fortunate the cashier at the first store  did not call the cops  on me. I learned  how to test hundred  dollar bills now. Real $100 bills feels a little gritty and you can see a second face on the right side when you hold it against  the light. I felt like I  was in the movie *Catch Me If You Can * phew..close callπŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

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