Beyonce’s Stylist


I always wondered  who did Beyonce’s hair. Her name is Kim. She is on the TV show *LA Hair* I remember  when Beyonce cut her hair off and folks lost their  minds and talked about how horrible she looked. .I think her hair looked great. It’s good to give your hair a break from hair extensions  every  once in a while. Poor thing had to put her hair back on cause the public  was relentless.  Non the less Kim did a fabulous  cut on her.  When Beyonce  turns in her  40s, she will  hopefully  be more confident  and wear her hair short regardless  of what folks think. One thing I noticed about being a celebrity  the world owns you. I’m
not sure I want to live under that micromanage magnifying glass. I’m watching the TV show as I blog.  Crazy someone got a hair extensions  vending machine..hahaha. watch the show, its crazy 😃😃 Goche, does some beautiful  wigs, she just got her wig pulled off. That’s dangerous. Never pull a woman’s  wig off. .hahaha..

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