Blogging as I sit at the DMV wasting half a day. I had a good conversation with one of my client’s yesterday about love and relationships. I was telling her how I became supper close to a client a few years ago before before she died from Hepitis and cancer. She got sick from doing meth for 4 straight years. She was in her 50’s but the drug made her look like she was 165 years old. Her teeth shrunk and were brown. She was a middle age Jewish Lady from Michigan.. But something about her drew me to her  like a powerful magnet. We had NOTHING in common. But our conversations were the bomb!!! She could tell me ANYTHING vice versa. We never judged each other. I was so curious to know how and why she got addicted to drugs. She would tell me about all the shaddy things she did while under the influence. Talking to was like a suspenseful novel. I would be take her to get her chemo and we would always find something to giggle about as I sat with her. Did you know the second leading cause to cancer is STRESS. Number #1 is METH. I always thought it was cigarettes. NOT. I read her paper work her doctor gave her. I remember walking in like it was yesterday and she said “Look Evy! Stress kills!!! ..My client since passed away. I miss our long drives and laughs. I miss talking to her without her judging me. I miss how people would stare when they would see us together. Every once and a while I break down crying when I see my clients get addicted to drugs and turn their lives upside down. LOOSING it ALL and even shaving their heads like Britney. You have learn to love em but not get too emotionaly involed. The anguish worrying about them can become too great.. I’m done at DMV..they just took my last $20 dollars to correct my nephew’s address for his California ID. Everything is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$..dang! I hope to be in a better mood later. Maybe I just need a cup off coffee. Gotta go now, chao😃😂🙌

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