Cake face


I did my make up a few days ago. I need the right equipment like lamps and mirrows. I need to invest in such things. It makes a difference especially when you wear glasses like me. I need a facial from my friend Holly. We barter. Isn’t this great! For now I will give myself a mask today before we go to work. BTW I bought collegen vitamins from the dollar fifty store. When your aging and your face starts falling down it’s because lack of collegen. I want my face puffy and filled in always.. Haha..Collegen is also good for hair, skin, nails, cartilage formation and joint repair. Do your research. I’m telling you herbs, vitamins, acupuncture and being around good positive people helps you not look so bad. Don’t forget to sleep like a cat. Nothing is better for your health than a clean conscious and good sleep💖

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