About time


Finally a reality show about hairstylist!! For years I would always say why wasn’t there a reality show about what goes on in a hair salon.  I watched episodes of “LA HAIR” tonight. I loved the show..it has jaw dropping  talented hairstylists funny drama, and what goes on behind the chair. You cant escape the occasional cursing but its not as bad as other shows. Maybe this show will kindly blow “The Kardashian” no substance show out the way. It’s good to see folks with talent and everyday real jobs come to light. I feel inspired and energetic tonight. Can’t wait to get up early and drive like the Fast and Furious to work tomorrow and start my first client of the day. I got a kick out of famous Jonathan Antin stylist in the show..someone called him a Dark Angel and that he is. He seems very intimidating. I think he’s misunderstood because he’s such a perfectionist. I don’t trust his shaddy business deals. But then again it’s HOLLYWOOD how much of it us scripted. Next time I watch it I think I might sip some white wine and really enjoy the show. Check it out on your local cable channel. You might have a to watch a couple of episodes before you can get into it
but once you do you will respect the stress your hairstylist goes through😄😃😂

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